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Robert Stevenson was born in 1964 in Brisbane, Australia. He is one of the most successful entertainers, and certainly one of the most accomplished musicians to ever come out of Australia.

Renowned for his stage performance and for his unparalleled keyboard ability, Rob Stevenson has acquired great admiration from music entertainers throughout Australia and overseas. Rob has always had a strong interest in music including everything from Country, Jazz, Blues, Rock n’ Roll, Healing, Meditation, Mantras/Chants. To view a snapshot of Rob’s impressive career check out his bio page.


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I have now gone from solo to duo with my wife Angela. We are called SpiritSong and we hold many chanting/kirtan events in and around Brisbane. We are currently building a new website, but until then you can keep up to date by joining our mailing list.


You can email us at and also by ‘liking’ our facebook page


We look forward to joining together in more sacred spaces and sharing mantras and chants with you all. Namaste”


Rob has always followed a spiritual path. He is a gifted healer and Reiki/Seichem master. Rob now enjoys holding regular music meditations or ‘satsangs’, singing mantras/chants—it is a place where people can enjoy coming together to create a sacred space of music and silence. Rob’s philosophy has always been to follow his path utilizing all the gifts he has been blessed with. He feels that music is a powerful universal tool and used to its fullest capacity can change the world. Many of the songs he has written have always carried a strong positive, uplifting message.

After writing for many other singers, Rob now feels the time is right for his own album of heartfelt songs and mantras. This music is for people seeking a little more light, hope and peace in their life. If these songs bring a little ray of hope and a smile, Rob feels he will have succeeded in what he wants to do. In Rob’s own words…

All I really want to do is spread the word of peace, love and light throughout the world, and the best way I know how is through my music”.


                Blessings of Peace, Love and Light…

                                                           Rob Stevenson

                                                                   Om Shanti

































































“Rob Stevenson is a spiritual and dedicated musician whose craft can lift and inspire you.”

        Deva Premal and Miten

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